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Express Server for Oracle WMS/MSCA

Turbocharge your operation, Do More with Less

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Works for all

Personalization works for all Oracle WMS and MSCA mobile transactions, including custom ones

Multi-tier personalization

Personalization can be setup at different levels: Global, Responsibility, Organization and User

Streamline Operation

Default values, automate keystrokes and hide fields to complete transaction in fewer steps

Increase Inventory Controls

A validation engine to make sure data is correct and per business standard

Simplify user interface

Change field prompt and page title easily so it matches your business language

Intuitive User Interface

Express Client provides an intuitive GUI interface for the modern touch-screen devices

Modify Existing Logic

PL/SQL substitution can route original PL/SQL API call to your own API without writing Java code

E-Signature attachment

Upload signature or document from any mobile transactions to Oracle as an FND attachment

Powerful Barcode Engine

Allows user to scan a barcode with multiple values and populate multiple fields at once

Input Pre-processor

Perform processing of user input/barcode scan before it is processed by Oracle

Show Image

Display images in a mobile transaction to provide user with extra validation

Rapid Development Time

Changes are instantly available without server bounce

Create Mobile Transaction

Develop new mobile transactions that does not exist in Oracle

Add New Fields

Add new fields to display/capture additional information or perform additional logic

Integrate Transactions

Zoom to another transaction without leaving current transaction

Tabular User Interface

Shows multiple lines of information in a tabular/grid format

Offline Data Capture

Capture data in offline mode and upload them later for replay or batch processing

No hardware investment

Runs in the same application tier to eliminate new hardware investment

Admin functions

Enable user level logging without server restart and admin function to kill stuck user session

Quick Reconnect

When network disconnects, reconnect users to their last transaction/field without login

Express Client for Oracle WMS/MSCA

Intutive user interface, Easy to install

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