July 2015 - National Oilwell Varco is live with MWA Express Server and Client to streamline and add functionality to their PO Receipt operation. MWA Express Server is used to put validation to prevent item with zero cost to be received. Additional brand new mobile pages are created to perform item inquiry based on manufacturing part number and customer part number. NOV also plans to use e-Signature solution to capture user signature during ship confirm and post ship confirm.

April 2015 - Smith Blair leverages MWA Express Server and Client to streamline and add functionality to their Picking operation. Express Server is used in Pick Confirm page to hide unnecessary fields, default values, and perform auto line split per threshold logic. New fields are added to capture pallet and user information for employee performance report. Express Client is used in fork lift tablet running Windows XP Embedded, replacing Java GUI Client. The Express Client can be configured to ma...

January 2015 - Millstone Medical went live with Oracle MSCA with MWA Express Server and Client. Express Server were used in multiple pages where translation from Manufacturer Part Number or Customer Part Number to Oracle Item Number are needed. Validation in Pick Confirm prevents user to  lot swap and various streamlining across pages are added to reduce user keystrokes.

November 2014 - Camping World Inc utilizes MWA Express Server and Client for their Oracle WMS implementation. Express Server and Client adds Voice-Plus-Scan functionality where user gets voice direction to perform their tasks more efficiently. Express Server reduces keystrokes in key operations such as PO Receipt, Put away, Pick Load and Pick Confirm page. New functionality such as Auto Drop All Loaded LPNs is implemented by personalizing the standard Drop Loaded LPN page.

October 2014 - Cablevision chooses Samsung Galaxy Android tablet with Intellinum MWA Express Client Android for their MSCA operation. The use of Android tablet allows Cablevision to reduce hardware investment cost.

August 2014 - HYLA Mobile went live with MWA Express Server and Client. The Express Server is used to add multiple validations in multiple mobile pages, allowing operation to run more smoothly. Catching user error in the beginning is a proactive approach than fixing costly user errors at the later stage. The customization work that could take months were done in days.